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That Time You Said Something

“No nukes! No bad nukes!” My mom loves to tell the story of when my sister and I chanted this at the grocery store. We weren’t even old enough to go to school yet. She took pictures of us in front of the handmade Barry Commoner signs in our city yard. He was a third … Continue reading

under the comforter

  Under the Comforter I understand why people want to stay in bed all the time. There are people in our society right now that won’t get out of bed. They are too comfortable. Their bed is really nice. They love their bed. It’s nice to have a bed. Especially if you fear not having … Continue reading

Humoring the Scab

Photo Credit: Missy R. Rogers, 2019   Humoring the Scab, a.k.a. Life in a Northern Town   Life’s ultimate consequence returns me to sender, a city beaten to surrender. It’s the perfect place to say goodbye.   Church bells signal the death march from bullet-riddled building to steady streaming engine parade past the boarded up, … Continue reading

Not Knowing

Not Knowing   The days dimmed even as they grew lighter, the sky not knowing summer would never come for some.   mrrogers 4.15.2020

Focusing on the Unfocus

  I sat in the darkness knowing it had been a waste of money and I would understand very little of what was going on.  If I focused on the pictures, I lost the sound.  If I concentrated on the sound, the pictures blurred immediately.  I had no ability to integrate the two.  Such a … Continue reading

We the Hostages

The longer I live, the more I understand the pull of politics to define and separate people. It reaches across continents and sits heavy over generations of cultures determined to survive. The word terrorist has always evoked a bristle in my psyche. It is a strong word, overused definitely, that depends on perspective of the … Continue reading

A Kiss on the Temple

  The only temple I ever knew was Shirley Temple.  Mainly, the drink.  Was the cherry a kiss on the Temple? A small red reward for ordering pink 7-up at an age where you could barely climb onto bar stool? The real Shirley Temple was a curious black and white child born before Ritalin and … Continue reading

The Etsy Crisis

  Watching white women unfurl with fury over falling Etsy sales this year has kept me fully entertained although I’m being burned in the fire simultaneously. “Has anyone sold anything today?  OMG.  It’s so dead.  I hate ETSY.   It used to be so good.  They ruined it.  I’m ruined.  I don’t know what to do!” … Continue reading

Halfway Shook

  We love the moon because it breaks through black, lifts us to look at sky, briefly beckons to stars before pulling us back like hand to hot stove– warning us to move on.   Missy R. Rogers 10.08.19  

My Mind, At Half Mast

  I often don’t try to guess the contents of other people’s minds but observing a neighbor’s gigantic farm house addition recently stuck stubbornly to my grey matter. In front of their sprawling modern home on top of naked corn field was a tall flag pole with a Trump 2020 election flag flying high above … Continue reading

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