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Neck Deep Nightmare

Madness is hidden in depths of mind, not seated at Starbucks with a latte and laptop, inviting sweet situation. The raw and rough remains of what lies left instructs me to tear at tight clothes, take off restrictions, and wear a loose facade. We move like ghosts, cascading over sidewalks, unable to touch solid. If … Continue reading

Nuclear Vague is Not Me

Society is dying to communicate evidenced in our ever frantic FB posts, Twitter rants, and Instagram selfies but it’s all so blip and vague most of the time that it fails to render meaningful deep content.  I often question if I am oversharing but then, I’m like, fuck, why are we even doing all this … Continue reading

Give My Regards to the Dead

I have done a shit job of integrating my two personalities as I meander between sick and well.  Interestingly, as a bipolar person, I also have dual sets of interests that don’t really go together.  I grew up very attached to loud variants of rock music and wrote a lot of poetry while hanging out … Continue reading

It Is You Who Feels It

I began my day with an Emotions Anonymous meeting in which we admitted we were powerless over our emotions. Of course, the discussion led us in the direction of admitting there is much we can do to foster some control over our emotions over time with practice and technique.   It reminded me of so … Continue reading

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