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The Path of Time

On the days I don’t wear makeup and a guy smiles at me, I think, “Get it girl!”  I can’t be bothered to do hairstyles or shave my last year legs.  And yet, I am buying more makeup at 40 than a 20 yr. old stripper.  I like the shiny things and the promises of … Continue reading

Imaginary Me

I find mysef building identity by the things I buy, a truly capitalist way of life.  Fair trade organic coffee, iPhone, online thrift store shoes, fresh flowers, gluten free this and that, recycled toilet paper, ad nauseaum. I’m a bit of a hipster dick despite living in a small depressed farm town.  I remember feeling … Continue reading

Wintertime is for the Fox

This winter has cut into the numb spaces of my heart and forced me to grip life in its beating crescendo and live it nevertheless. I’ve experienced five deaths in the past few months which has caused me to pause and consider my own time left on Earth, however long or short that may be. … Continue reading

The End of the Line

Recently, my husband and I toyed around with the Amtrak website pricing out long trips around the country. It’s not a cheap way to travel, so we figured that we could take a two day trip to the West Coast after tax return time. That would still give us enough money to put gutters on … Continue reading

Til Death Do Us Part

June 24th is my 7th wedding anniversary to my wonderful life partner, Robert. This year we will be sharing this anniversary with a new adversary as my beloved is actively engaged in fighting stage III throat cancer. We’ve been through a lot in our short marriage including battling clinical depression and bipolar disorder as well … Continue reading

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