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1 Poem, 1 Sadness

  That Time You Whitewashed the Past   That time you whitewashed the past, you arrested my identity. It was our past but you wouldn’t claim your half, insisting I imagined mine. It’s why I hoard my memories, bury them like the trash they are, because who could believe your ideal was my surreal.   … Continue reading

Lies and Expectation

From the time we are born, people speculate on our future. “This baby genius is going to Harvard!” Often, the ambition is much grander than we are. All children are asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” A very open-ended question, especially considering the fact that some of us grow up … Continue reading

The Art of Starving

I am deep sea diving into art the way many count their money.  This is my photograph from Artgiano’s Cheese Shop in Bay City, Michigan.  Photography is not my bling but my iPhone was hungry and there were no fights nearby. The inclusion of this collection in an establishment selling fine cheeses and wine along … Continue reading

Ugly Childhood Memories

Haters of confessional poetry will certainly disagree but I think childhood memories are ripe for poetic content no matter how ugly the subject matter. I once wrote about my experience of being forced to kiss the men’s toilet seat at a Girl Scout slumber party. Later on, I wrote about wiping my snot on the … Continue reading

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