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A Hug in Time Saves 9

Reshared from my FB page earlier this week: Yesterday was World Mental Health Day. In 2009, I was diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder and I laughed. Within a single session of first meeting me, a Pine Rest therapist named it. After some thought and years of perspective looking at symptoms it fit. My first mania … Continue reading

Wilderness of Self

Morning claws at my intellect crying for sense, through freight train thoughts. If only I could reach the emergency brake.   Music and I won’t be friends today.  From bad club mixes to chill jazz, my mind would have none of it.  I felt raw and it scrubbed like an abrasive.  A giant steel wool … Continue reading

Manic Massage

As the 86 degree sun slices into my skin, I feel that summer may turn ugly. Two years ago, I spent the season subjected to electro-convulsive therapy for a depression that refused to unhand me. I started to fear the late Spring and early Summer since it seemed to kick off something evil in me. … Continue reading

Punching Happiness

Normal people never question their happiness. If they have the energy to clean the house, call up all their friends and family, exercise for sixty minutes or more, and can still make it to work and school on top of all that with a smile, they call it a good day. Imagine doing that on … Continue reading

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