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That Time You Said Something

“No nukes! No bad nukes!” My mom loves to tell the story of when my sister and I chanted this at the grocery store. We weren’t even old enough to go to school yet. She took pictures of us in front of the handmade Barry Commoner signs in our city yard. He was a third … Continue reading

under the comforter

  Under the Comforter I understand why people want to stay in bed all the time. There are people in our society right now that won’t get out of bed. They are too comfortable. Their bed is really nice. They love their bed. It’s nice to have a bed. Especially if you fear not having … Continue reading

The Frozen Time

  She walks in line with the devil each booted step heavier than the next.   Snippets of truth come to me and spread over my existence like the sun warms the Earth on frozen days. I am supposed to be doing something and yet the something is not defined. The complexity of knowing too … Continue reading

Can You Hear Me Now?

  I’ve suffered a string of dreams by night now for weeks that seem to have a common theme.  I’m arguing furiously.  I’m shouting to the point where shouting has never been louder.  I’m in the process of accomplishing something and someone stands in my way.  No matter how I phrase myself, they still don’t … Continue reading

Never Let Someone Else Determine You

This poem was previously published in the Blue Collar Review, Journal of Progressive Working Class Literature, Partisan Press, 2013.   The Asymmetry of a Rainy Wednesday   Two men in golf shirts laughed at me for giving a dollar to a homeless man on a bridge. “Young lady, do you have a ten?” one asked … Continue reading

Better Not Read

  If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.  –Lao Tzu In my undergrad studies, I was obsessed with the Holocaust.  The very first class I signed up for was an overview of the Holocaust that met on Sunday afternoons at my local community college.  I was 18 years … Continue reading

Government Shutdown

When I was 17 years old, I belonged to the Saginaw chapter of the National Women’s Rights Organizing Coalition. I was politically active writing letters, speaking at events, and protesting at abortion clinics to help keep them open and accessible to women—in short, we helped distract the pro-lifers from harassing women going into the clinic. … Continue reading

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