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The Frozen Time

photo of person reading book on beach

Photo by anouar olh on Pexels.com


She walks in line

with the devil

each booted step

heavier than the next.


Snippets of truth come to me and spread over my existence like the sun warms the Earth on frozen days. I am supposed to be doing something and yet the something is not defined. The complexity of knowing too much demands some level of action or else I am that stubborn pebble sitting at the bottom of a fast flowing stream of knowledge just binge watching life for no purpose other than minute edited entertainment by a puppet of distraction. It feels comfortable to laugh when our insides are murdered by judgment. Millions press themselves into the cookie press so they will come out unknown from the next. Just a light, crumbly little butter cookie they cling to like assignment. But I was handmade without even edges or a factory print. When I lie beside nature, I am not different from the creatures exploring, surviving, thriving in paths through altered environment. Adaptation is beautiful, inevitable, and necessary. Pick me up and you will know peace.

Missy R. Rogers

August 12, 2019

Living Room Facing East in Morning

About missyrogers

Lifelong Michigander, early 40s, craft addict, chihuahua collector, coffee drinker, recovering human being, bipolar I, electronic music lover, bullshit caller, 5' tall, my blood is organic, and I refuse to be anything else. I will write until I die.


2 thoughts on “The Frozen Time

  1. Love this! I resonate with so much!

    Posted by cathylapointeblundypoet | August 12, 2019, 5:49 pm
  2. I feel you.

    Posted by KD Bota | August 13, 2019, 5:21 pm

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