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Spoken Word for Dummies

In the age of video, we do video. 6696EB50-558F-4F58-8076-D5D25ACB88F0.jpegEncouraged after a lakeside writing retreat at Gun Lake, I made a thing and you can watch it on You Tube.  Wander over here and jack up the noise: https://youtu.be/-fluyEQ6fkY

About missyrogers

Lifelong Michigander, early 40s, craft addict, chihuahua collector, coffee drinker, recovering human being, bipolar I, electronic music lover, bullshit caller, 5' tall, my blood is organic, and I refuse to be anything else. I will write until I die.


3 thoughts on “Spoken Word for Dummies

  1. Just a funny as it was the first time I heard you read it!👏

    Posted by cathylapointeblundypoet | July 9, 2019, 5:58 pm
  2. Your delivery is priceless, as is the story!

    Posted by KD Bota | July 10, 2019, 5:32 am

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