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Spoken Word for Dummies

In the age of video, we do video. Encouraged after a lakeside writing retreat at Gun Lake, I made a thing and you can watch it on You Tube.  Wander over here and jack up the noise: https://youtu.be/-fluyEQ6fkY

My Mind, At Half Mast

  I often don’t try to guess the contents of other people’s minds but observing a neighbor’s gigantic farm house addition recently stuck stubbornly to my grey matter. In front of their sprawling modern home on top of naked corn field was a tall flag pole with a Trump 2020 election flag flying high above … Continue reading

The Recluse

I sat outside in anger counting fire flies while the wind wept mosquitoes kindly from my consideration.  My mind was louder than sky and I could feel my merry go round of thoughts pull darkly until it seemed I was sitting outside myself.  The sun, long set, left traces of its goodbye in backlit whispy … Continue reading

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