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The Art of Starving

I am deep sea diving into art the way many count their money.  This is my photograph from Artgiano’s Cheese Shop in Bay City, Michigan.  Photography is not my bling but my iPhone was hungry and there were no fights nearby. The inclusion of this collection in an establishment selling fine cheeses and wine along … Continue reading

Wilderness of Self

Morning claws at my intellect crying for sense, through freight train thoughts. If only I could reach the emergency brake.   Music and I won’t be friends today.  From bad club mixes to chill jazz, my mind would have none of it.  I felt raw and it scrubbed like an abrasive.  A giant steel wool … Continue reading

The Path of Time

On the days I don’t wear makeup and a guy smiles at me, I think, “Get it girl!”  I can’t be bothered to do hairstyles or shave my last year legs.  And yet, I am buying more makeup at 40 than a 20 yr. old stripper.  I like the shiny things and the promises of … Continue reading

Nuclear Vague is Not Me

Society is dying to communicate evidenced in our ever frantic FB posts, Twitter rants, and Instagram selfies but it’s all so blip and vague most of the time that it fails to render meaningful deep content.  I often question if I am oversharing but then, I’m like, fuck, why are we even doing all this … Continue reading

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