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37 Degree Sunshine

I began the week with a very bad cold—the kind that keeps you in bed for at least one full day with cough medicine and cough drops taken regularly along with hot tea. I knew I was getting better this morning when I could drink a couple cups of mocha flavored coffee instead.   The … Continue reading

Grinding Black

For the past month, anxiety has visited me each morning bringing the fruits of sweaty palms, upset stomach, and trivial worries to my plate. As a result, I’ve been skipping breakfast since my appetite laid quiet within the confines of my gut. I struggle to write about the experience as it seems so fleeting and … Continue reading

Government Shutdown

When I was 17 years old, I belonged to the Saginaw chapter of the National Women’s Rights Organizing Coalition. I was politically active writing letters, speaking at events, and protesting at abortion clinics to help keep them open and accessible to women—in short, we helped distract the pro-lifers from harassing women going into the clinic. … Continue reading

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