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Forever and a Day

I dreamed last night that I was considering a stint in the army for a specific sum of money. I would be sent to a foreign county for six months. In my quest for adventure, I thought of the danger of a solo mission and felt high enough on life to go through with it. The truth is there was only one time in my life when I considered a military life and I was 14 at the time.


Army recruiters came to my high school and I signed up to listen to their presentation on a bus parked outside the school. It was fascinating. We were given literature, which I took a look at. At the time, they had strict weight and height requirements for men and women. Disappointed, I saw that I was not only too short to join the army, I was too fat to be in the military. Crushed, I moved on to babysitting and considered the Peace Corp instead, which I never did because I went to university.


In retrospect, I would have loved everything there was to learn in the military and the opportunity to travel? Count me in. However, me with a gun? Run for cover. I shot a musket at camp but let’s say I didn’t even come close to hitting the target. I’m definitely not known for my stamina either. And did I mention that I’m flat-footed? And mentally ill? A terrible candidate for the army and I’m still 5 foot and a couple of pounds overweight.


I wrote the poem below for anyone who has ever had a dream and being overweight has overshadowed the achievement of that dream. However big you are, know that you are not alone and that there are opportunities everywhere. Maybe, like me, you aren’t the best candidate for the army but there is the Peace Corp and AmeriCorp for civilians who want to serve their communities. Of course, you could always work for a non-profit or a government agency that serves veterans. Just don’t be afraid to dream.


Forever and a Day




She wasn’t hungry but a spoonful

of peanut butter found its way

into her gut followed by a banana.

Dreams of serving in the army

squashed by three hundred numbers

no bathroom scale handled.

Her plump kitty rolled and purred

over the family quilt, another

thing handed down from woman

to woman, like weight, heavy

and hard to shake down.


About missyrogers

Lifelong Michigander, early 40s, craft addict, chihuahua collector, coffee drinker, recovering human being, bipolar I, electronic music lover, bullshit caller, 5' tall, my blood is organic, and I refuse to be anything else. I will write until I die.


4 thoughts on “Forever and a Day

  1. I took the ASVAB to join the Air Force 11 years before I had actually joined the Army. The reason I didn’t go through with the Air Force, was when my sis hollered on the phone to me, “You’re not military material!!!”. I said, “Oh.” And believed it for the next 11 years. Finally, I realized that I needed to not only prove it to her and to myself, and had joined the Army. I was 34. I had great dreams that I’d come back from my basic training all buff and being an exercise junkie. But after all my initial training was over, I ate everything I had been deprived of (slobbered it all in gulps with both hands) and had gained all of my weight back. So anyhow, I kinda understand what you’re trying to say here, in regards to weight and other things you may think are holding you back from joining. Coming from a female soldier whom others still ask, “How the heck did you ever graduate your basic training?!”, you too CAN do it, girl!!! (as long as you’re still under the age requirement, that is; back then, the age limit had been increased to 42, but now it’s back down to 35, I think.) Very interesting post!

    Posted by sf | September 13, 2013, 1:56 am
    • Thanks for your spirited comment, SF! Glad you were able to fulfill your dream. Alas, I am over the age requirement now! That’s okay though. I am on a different path working in mental health care, so I still get to help others and serve as an inspiration (hopefully). I’m glad you enjoyed the post! Have a great week!

      Posted by missyrogers | September 13, 2013, 1:51 pm
      • Awesome that you work in mental health care!!! I have always wanted to give back, by volunteering at hospitals, but have yet to do so. Your job must be absolutely rewarding every single day!

        My sis works as a nurse and tells me everyday about her patients, their ailments, and especially of their loneliness, due to having no family members visiting them. So that’s how my wanting to hopefully be involved with hospital volunteering in the future, had come about.

        Have a great weekend!

        Posted by sf | September 14, 2013, 8:18 am
  2. Yes, my job is very rewarding. Just today, a consumer gave me a hug. Definitely follow-up on the hospital volunteering gig. I did that for nine months back in 2008 at St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, MI. I worked in the Radiology department assisting with transports of patients from their rooms down to Radiology for testing. It was so wonderful to meet so many patients in their life journey. Best of luck to you!

    Posted by missyrogers | September 18, 2013, 8:09 pm

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