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Citizens of Nowhere

At the start of each school year, in homeroom, you had to fill out these little cards that contained emergency contact information for each student. My senior year, I filled it out dutifully and passed it to the front. The teacher looked through them and stopped at mine. “Missy, you didn’t fill out the work … Continue reading

A Dark Night for All

As a person who struggles with mental illness, I have dealt with suicidal thoughts and even made plans to carry out suicide. It’s been a lifelong issue for me that goes back to age 14. I can remember being profoundly depressed when I was young and I was quietly convinced that suicide was my only … Continue reading

Forever and a Day

I dreamed last night that I was considering a stint in the army for a specific sum of money. I would be sent to a foreign county for six months. In my quest for adventure, I thought of the danger of a solo mission and felt high enough on life to go through with it. … Continue reading

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