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It Is You Who Feels It

I began my day with an Emotions Anonymous meeting in which we admitted we were powerless over our emotions. Of course, the discussion led us in the direction of admitting there is much we can do to foster some control over our emotions over time with practice and technique.


It reminded me of so many times when my behavior didn’t match the person I wanted to be. Smashing a coffee mug into pieces on the kitchen floor, throwing a telephone at the fridge door and denting it, and even slamming the door in the workplace. I have learned to smile through adversity and emotional pain turning on the joy even when I want to scream out loud. I have found that it goes a long way to combating the emotional outbursts that used to plague my life journey.


Writing about emotions is tough and writing itself is tough enough! You don’t want to sound weepy and yet, you want to give some type of concrete image for the reader to focus on. In my poem, A Gentle Turning Event, I write from the perspective of the person doing the wrong thing. It could be an abuser or simply someone with is out of control emotionally and lashes out at others. I pick a very mundane activity, peeling an orange, to portray the contact made with another person. So, when you slap another person, for example, it is you who suffers.


A Gentle Turning Event




When you peel the skin from

the orange, dig your nails in

and pierce the fruit, it is you

who feels it.


What do you think? It the poem too short to make its mark? Does it need a revision? How would you explain the concept noted above? Post your own poem here or leave us a link to your blog! And don’t forget to sign up for e-mail alerts for new blog entries here. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page on the right and click the follow button.

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One thought on “It Is You Who Feels It

  1. I think the poem is very meaningful, despite being short.

    Posted by Tina | August 23, 2013, 5:07 pm

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