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It Is You Who Feels It

I began my day with an Emotions Anonymous meeting in which we admitted we were powerless over our emotions. Of course, the discussion led us in the direction of admitting there is much we can do to foster some control over our emotions over time with practice and technique.   It reminded me of so … Continue reading

Shooting Nightmares out of My Heart

“But new love only lasts so long, and then you crash back into the real people you are, and from as high as we were, it’s a very long fall, and we hit the ground with a thud.” ― Marya Hornbacher, Madness: A Bipolar Life What Marya Hornbacher describes is the descent from mania into … Continue reading


I’m currently working on a poem called, “Every Day is Suicide” that in many ways is highly flawed and will never live to see a reader. Capturing the essence of feelings as deep as those involved in a psyche contemplating suicide is difficult at best, if not impossible. Luckily, many people never have these feelings … Continue reading

Ugly Childhood Memories

Haters of confessional poetry will certainly disagree but I think childhood memories are ripe for poetic content no matter how ugly the subject matter. I once wrote about my experience of being forced to kiss the men’s toilet seat at a Girl Scout slumber party. Later on, I wrote about wiping my snot on the … Continue reading

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