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Do Feminists Masturbate?

Do Feminists Masturbate?




I’ve decided that if feminists masturbate,

they don’t do it on camera humping

white pillowcases on top of Grandma’s

old green and white checkered quilt.

A Calico kitty walks by and I think

more pussy is just what porn needs!

Feminists please themselves with tea,

set the mood with sexy words like

liberation, and pull the shades for




My poem hints at the back door nature of female masturbation. Indeed as Chloe Vraney asserts in her article, “Embracing Female Masturbation” published Tuesday, May 14, 2013 on College Feminists Connect!, it is the last taboo. Check out the article: http://www.collegefeministsconnect.org/2013/05/embracing-female-masturbation-by-chloe-vraney-also-last-week-was-clitoris-awareness-week.html.

Somehow in the fight for reproductive rights, access to better jobs and education, and equality in the home, feminists have done a poor job promoting a healthy image of the female body. In that vein, is appreciation of the female body through self-pleasuring. A fair amount of articles can be found on the web explaining the silence in different ways.

It’s interesting to note in Vraney’s article and others, popular culture’s attitude towards male masturbation is displayed as humorous (think American Pie), normal, and as a rite of passage. Female masturbation doesn’t even exist in popular culture except in porn where it is typically portrayed as cheesy, fake, and sometimes with voyeurs present. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but it’s generally considered a solitary act primarily.

I think feminists and women in general are afraid to admit that they masturbate because society deems it a sick act. This is sad when men are allowed to enjoy their bodies freely with little repercussion. We are not equal in this respect and in this case, women are holding themselves back. Is it really that important?

It is when you consider how many women and girls attest to hating their own bodies. From that hate, shame is bred into embarrassment. How can one enjoy their own body with so many negative self-perceptions?

I don’t have all the answers or even a simple solution but we need to start representing female masturbation in a positive light. And for God’s sake, don’t even think about censoring Anne Frank’s diary in schools. When we consider a young girl’s foray into exploring her own body to be pornographic, that’s when you’ve lost my vote.

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