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Do Feminists Masturbate?

Do Feminists Masturbate? mrrogers 7.20.13   I’ve decided that if feminists masturbate, they don’t do it on camera humping white pillowcases on top of Grandma’s old green and white checkered quilt. A Calico kitty walks by and I think more pussy is just what porn needs! Feminists please themselves with tea, set the mood with … Continue reading

Fluid Flow Experiment

$162.25. Is it a lot of money, just enough, or not enough? For me, it’s the amount I have left after paying bills to use for groceries and gas for two weeks. I’m cringing because I know it’s going to be tight and I’m definitely going to have to defer my eating habits to my … Continue reading

21st Century Jesus

21st Century Jesus mrrogers 5.31.13   Shopping, I find one white tub of sour cream that has no GMO ingredients and wonder if Jesus would consume with a conscience. Would he even eat sour cream? No. 21st century Jesus is a vegan who only drinks shade grown coffee. He hangs around farm markets and buys … Continue reading

9/11 Slumber Party

9/11 6.7.13 mrrogers   I sat in the hotel lobby eating a strawberry bagel with cream cheese when the second tower exploded in flames. A plume of smoke and fire erupted as I got up to attend my grandfather’s funeral. I wondered what the World War II veteran would think of domestic terrorism as the … Continue reading

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