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My Life According to Porn

My Life According to Porn mrrogers 6.25.13   I own nothing but sheer black underwear and hell yes, stilettos belong in the bed. My tan lines crest over my double D breasts, which droop to my tiny waist, and my nails painted dark red lay behind my head while my legs splay out and my … Continue reading

Til Death Do Us Part

June 24th is my 7th wedding anniversary to my wonderful life partner, Robert. This year we will be sharing this anniversary with a new adversary as my beloved is actively engaged in fighting stage III throat cancer. We’ve been through a lot in our short marriage including battling clinical depression and bipolar disorder as well … Continue reading

A Mirror to the Mind

Fat 5.18.13 mrrogers   She tugs at her stomach bent over the bowl, waiting for breakfast to crawl up her esophagus. Her hair in a loose bun ready to unravel like the peel of a orange fruit, if she should make a move but she is perfect and still. Amateurs use their fingers but Amber … Continue reading

The Prism of Identity

If you prick my finger, will the blood be bipolar? When a strand of hair falls out, does the DNA scream manic depressive? Stepping out into the street, do my jeans and headband betray my diagnosis? After the dust of mania and depression have settled, thoughts tend to stray toward the collective identity as you … Continue reading

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