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The B in LGBT mrrogers 5.24.13   Keep your mouth shut. The only thing worse than being gay is bi. What? You can’t make up your mind? Close your eyes and imagine telling your mom you’re part gay like the yolk of an egg is yellow. Put your pants on backwards but walk forward because … Continue reading

The Crush

Every year or so, I develop a big crush on someone. It’s the untold story of an otherwise typical marriage. I can only assume that other people experience this too and just don’t talk about it. My poem, Crush, below, details the cycle of the crush.   Crush 4.29.13 mrrogers   Every year a man … Continue reading


I have been an ardent supporter of the LGBT community including inter-sexed and asexual peoples my whole life. In short, I wasn’t raised to have preconceived ideas about sexuality and gender so I never hated. To me, it is a true blessing to be able to open my arms to everyone regardless of gender identity … Continue reading

Dreams and Ambitions

I recently revised my poem, Dreaming is Like Learning a Foreign Language and rather than spell it out, I’ll let it stand by itself. You can find it below this passage. Suffice it to say that dreaming is easy as a kid and much harder as you get on in years. My childhood was interesting … Continue reading

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