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Why I Write

Good writing is the fruit of honesty born by the writer.  I’ve long told everyone that my gift is not writing.  It’s truth.  Anyone can write.  Not everyone is able to tell the whole truth and nothing but that, which we love to dress up and send out as pretty little lies.  The compulsion to … Continue reading

Daily Script

All the experts say that if you want to get a feel for writing scripts, then you have to read what’s already out there.  Thankfully, that doesn’t involve buying obscure writing magazines, although you can still do that if that’s your plan.  A more accessible route is through the Daily Script website, http://www.dailyscript.com/movie.html.  Currently, I’m … Continue reading

Oops. My Water Just Broke.

Currently, I’m in labor with a very stubborn new baby.  I tried to put it off for as long as I could and did the normal things people do to prevent birth like scotch taping my hole shut, which worked until my water broke and ideas gushed out like a hot summer rainstorm.  Being pregnant … Continue reading

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